Found - Lab

HC found a male yellow lab sitting right outside our house!

Can all bloggers help to spread the news so that the dog can be reunited with owner soon?

Edited : Good news. This morning, HC managed to trace the owner's contact through AVA (Agri-food and Veterinary Authority) as the lab has a AVA tag on him. She has made contact with a relieved owner and will pass the lab (a.k.a MAX) tonight.

Max is really lucky cos he has actually crossed a very very busy road from his home to ours. And he is lucky to still have his AVA tag on him (which was hanged very loosely on his collar. In fact, it dropped on the floor once when HC was walking him).

It is really strange cos a neighbour who is staying on the ground floor said Max was hanging around the estate at 10a.m. or so, and when HC reached home at 6p.m, Max were up on our 3rd floor apartment sitting outside our main door and wagging his tail at the sight of HC!

I heard that the owner's children were worrying very much about Max last night.

And Max? well he slept really well. HC said he is a very polite dog and only slept on Jack's bed after HC invited him. (HC: the floor is too cold due to the air conditioning, so he slept curled up on Jack's bed the entire night. Jack's huge bed suddenly look so small with Max on it! hahaha)

You bet we can't wait to get rid of him tonight!
(HC : Jack and Joey are not the friendliest dogs especially on home ground. Jack yelled at Max alot, and Joey tried to nip Max when I wasn't looking... hahaha... poor Max)


Joe Stains said...

So strange! I hope he finds his home

Huskee Boy said...

I suspect Max was there to visit you guys.. he must have read your blog and wanted see you up close and personal!