Distressed Call

HC received a distressed call yesterday afternoon.

Apparently, one of our friend - a white MS called Pepy ran away from his grooming salon/ petshop in Bishan area and was nowhere to be found.

HC then starting messaging her friends who stayed around the area. One of them replied that they saw a white MS running away from the petshop lady and crossed the other side of road - but lost sight of it after.

The owner was very upset with the assistant lady of the salon - as she had told them that Pepy will scratch and to let the main groomer handle her since he has done for them before. However, the assistant lady went ahead and tried to handle Pepy herself. While taking off Pepy's collar - she was scratched by Pepy and she released Pepy from her hold. Just then, a customer came into the shop and Pepy took the chance to run out.

The area that she ran away from usually is bustling with traffic and humans, and the owners were worried to death.

Luckily at about early evening, Pepy was found sitting in a corner at Salvation Army building - perhaps she didn't know the way back and decided to sit and wait. Poor girl was lost for about 4 hours or so!

HC is glad that Pepy is found, but like the owner - she is upset at the carelessness of the petshop as they didn't take the necessary precaution - the barrier separating the grooming area and main shop are not up, thus giving Pepy the chance to run out. Also, the petshop lady has been warned of Pepy's temperament and she should refrain from handling her if she is not experienced!

HC also recalled another incident whereby a dog ran out of the petshop and was knocked down by a car (not sure if the dog survived). Also, there is another incident whereby the groomer forgot to take the dog out of the drying machine after grooming - and the poor dog was left in there for too long and died of dehydration. That is a horrible way to die!


billiejean said...

Hi Joey,

Luckily Cookie and I are groomed by Mummy. Mummy won't even let other people cut our nails.


Alfie said...

o my mum WONT let me go to such irresponsible groomers! Mum shaves me herself...not that I have long hair that needs grooming, she just prefers me to have hair as short as hers..hee3.

Joe Stains said...

It is both a happy and sad story. Glad your HC could help!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's so awful... Petshops should be more careful and prepared with all temperments of pets..

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
I am so glad there is a happy ending to the episode.. yeah my mom has a 'phobia' abt sending me off for grooming after I got cut pretty badly once, so she tries to do it herself... and while I am glad I don't have to go through the trauma of getting groomed by stange people, my ummm 'hairstlye' leaves a lot to be desired.