Willy is here

Willy is here for a holiday.

His mummy bought us charm collars - same as the one Willy had.



Willy is back to his bad habits.
Caught on camera - HUMPING!

And he took over my comfortable bed.
See how I suffer?

But I got my revenge!
HC put Willy in her new bag just to see how 'spacious' the bag is.

hahahahaha..... the look on his face? Priceless..
HC also make sure Willy is well fed.
Steam chicken with his kibbles.

Luckily HC gave us a small piece each! (Note : we are fed raw food - so hardly get to get steam chicken.)
At night, Willy gets to sleep on HC's bed with us.

(Jack is not seen here as he likes to snuggle right inside the bed).


Joe Stains said...

You guys are very good hosts to Willy, besides stuffing him in a bag that is!

billiejean said...

Hi Willy,

Your dinner is a lot for such a little fellow!


Snoopygirl said...


You let your guest hump you!! You're a good host!!!

I can't stand it when my brother tries to hump me... Grrrr...

Boy, the food looks yummmy. **Stares at Hooman**

Snoopy & Rusty