Puppy Eyes

We were shopping at a pet store the other day, when a couple stopped and asked HC if we are puppies? HC said noo.... they are old (whaddya mean OLD?) . When the couple heard that I am 7 and Jack's 10 (or older, we don't know...), they exclaimed, "but they look so young! At most 3-4 years old!!".. and kept ooh - ahh over our looks...

I know I know... we do look good.. ahem...

Then the lady exclaimed, "I think it is because they have PUPPY EYES!!"

Puppy eyes? (Jack's)

And maybe the fact that I winked at her?

Anyway, we were totally happy that day as we're acknowledged for good youthful looks and HC bought us lots of treats and balls.

I think we I look great due to good, nutritions food and lots of exercise?

Talking about nutritious food, our local health authority will be testing dog food for melamine soon. This is after the worldwide scare of melamine in human food recently, and also the massive pet food recall in US after some dogs died/seriously sick from tainted products. This is totally sad - and no doubt due to the greedy humans who are only looking to earn quick bucks.

I am glad HC has switched us to raw food years ago. Dogs & cats (I don't know if hammie can eat raw) - please ask your humans to switch your diet! NOW!!


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Joey,
OLD? What do you mean old?? I am 9 so does that mean I am old too?? **faint**
I confirm your winking at the lady worked!

billiejean said...

Yeah.. No processed dog food for me either! I eat home-cooked food.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

I think you 2 look very young. I wont believe Jack is 10

~ Girl girl