Abused Dog

Not only do I not have a new leash/collar set like Jack, I am also badly 'abused' at home!

Look at my swollen right eye! I could barely opened my right eye.
(This pic was taken about 12 hrs later, and it was not as bad as how I initially looked!)

HC had slammed her door on my right face!

(HC : Joey woke up on Tue morning with his right eye barely opening. I thought he had scratched himself at night, but after much monitoring - I realised that he wasn't itching at all. It took me half a day to remember that I had accidentally slammed my door on his right face on Mon night as he had followed me too closely.*sniggers*)


billiejean said...

Oh wow.. Joey, your eye is really one big one small! Did you go check with the vet? Is your eye alright? Mummy once almost slammed the van's sliding door on my face as well, lucky I fast fast siam!

Sharper said...

Awww :( Hope it heals up soon!

Anonymous said...

And she made you guys leave too early till you didnt get my birthday treat of a lamp pot pie!