K9 Dog Run

We went to meet up with Willy and his family recently.

My late morning exercises... HC is pleased to know that I still remembered how to use the agility equipments - the see-saw, weaving pole, jumping bar, jumping tyre....

Me posing on the agility see-saw.

Jack minding his own business. He is very greedy and hangs around the cafe - and HC had to keep calling him back.

Willy waiting for food.

One of his siblings - Marvy.. another greedy dog.. hahaha

We had good fun meeting them for about 2 hours. I heard Willy might come over for a short holiday!


Huskee and Hershey said...

Ohhhh.. our mom thinks Marvy is soooo cute!! That look on his face seems to be begging for something... was it food??

Joey said...

H&H... ya.. food .. what else? LOL