Are we still friends?

Tommy and I are long-time friends. We meet each other almost every day and loves to play tug together. If he is in the park with me, HC noticed that I am more energetic than usual (note : we usually ignore each other at park though) and continues to play fetch non-stop. HC said that this display of energy is a sign of 'show-off' to Tommy.

Like I said, we played well together. Sometimes, Tommy will teased and tried to entice me to play by his unique poking (Tommy is nick-named - Woody Woodpecker). If he irritates me too much, I would show my displeasure by nipping him, but he will still be very good-natured about it.

However, we had an argument last night.

I was sitting beside HC watching T.V. at Scuba's place. Tommy walked in from the main door and happily ran towards me trying to initiate play. Something in me snapped! I growled and nipped at him and Tommy growled back. Immediately,there was some growling and scuffle and it took HC and Tommy's owner some shouting before the commotion ceased.

After that, we were separated to different areas, and I didn't get to see him after that.

So ..... will we still be friends again?

HC : Tommy and Joey are very alike in terms of their playfulness and activity level. They also like the same type of toys. For the last few years, both were able to compromise - more from Tommy actually, as I can tell he really likes Joey and gives in to him most times. However, I think Joey nipped him a little too hard last night and Tommy couldn't take it. But I am sure they'll be friends again as dogs are alot more forgiving than human beings.


Joe Stains said...

Tanner and I have got in a couple of REAL fights before, then we are fine again. Sometimes you just aren't in the mood, ya know??

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear.. I hope you'll be friends again. You 2 are nice doggies..

~ Girl girl

Snowball said...

Offer him a treats as a gesture to make peace the next time you meet him. I am sure he will forgive you.