Uncle M asked if I am wearing the perfume "Romance" because Tommy has been showing alot of interest in me during the past two months. In fact, according to Auntie S (herbie's mum), Rafv shows an interest in me only to spite Tommy (as you know, Tommy & Rafv has alot of old scores to settle, but whenever they fought, the humans stopped them). Anyway, Auntie S said that a few times, Rafv came over to lick and paw me, he will use his 'corner' eye to see if Tommy is watching us. (Rafv very 'creative' - new word for evil).

Tommy has a very funny way of playing.... Auntie V said he looked like he is doing a lion dance (do lions dance??). HC said he looked like a woody wood pecker cos he likes to peck his mouth onto my head continously. He also does that to HC before, and she got to go wash hair after that cos her hair is wet from his saliva! Eeekkk..

Joey : stop poking me
Tommy : yummy, you taste good!

Look at Tommy's expression! rofl

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ice said...

gosh... tommy looks so funny with his ears flying!