Bones Feeding

This post is for ignorant humans like Uncle J. (hehehe)

There are basically two types of bones in BARF terms.
RMBs - Has both meat and EDIBLE bones. They are usually smaller and softer and takes only a few mins to consume.
Recreational bones - harder bones that are meant to carry the weight of the animal such as lamb leg (aka tulang). THis type of bones is good to remove tartar and develop stronger and whiter teeth. I usually gnaw on it for 1.5 hrs and will leave the hollow bones after that cos it gets a bit tasteless when there is no more meat and marrow left. For greedier dogs like Jack, they can go on non stop gnawing for hours but it is no good cos it may wear down their teeth too much. In fact, Jack has a chipped tooth on his left molar cos he tried too hard to break down the bone.

Why did I say Uncle J ignorant? the story goes like this,
One day, HC was holding Lolo the 2 yr old female JRT, and realised that she has alot of tartar and plague on her teeth. HC than offered to get tulang for her.
A few days later, Uncle J was happily saying that he left the tulang to LOLO before he leaves for work. HC and the rest of the humans were horrified as dogs need to be supervised when feeding bones. They painted all sort of horror stories such as Uncle J finding Lolo's dead corpse (from choking to death) in the garden when he returns home. I can see from Uncle J's expression that he was pretty worried and can't wait to go home to check on Lolo(hehehe)

After that, Uncle J reported that Lolo is fine and she left a small piece of bone behind and it was already infested by ants by the time he went back to clear it. Thank goodness Lolo is still alive.

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