Unglam Kitchen God

I am talking about Herbie..

Yesterday, no park for me as I am still recovering from the rashes. So we went to Auntie V's place for free human dinner. Herbie was there too cos his MM and M went to a wedding dinner. As usual, Herbie a.k.a Kitchen God hanged around the kitchen waiting for Auntie S to drop some food for him. Much later, Auntie W asked Herbie to leave the kitchen but he refused to move. So Auntie W got no choice but to asked HC to help to shove him out of the kitchen. HC stood in front of Herbie and pull him by the neck, and Auntie W pushed his bum out. I can see Herbie is trying to put his weight down his paws and refused to move an inch. Finally after much pulling & pushing, they managed to shove him out.
Here's a picture to illustrate: (I don't draw as well as Herbie, and he refused to teach me cos he is upset that I am putting this pic up my blog)


Scuba said...

Although I am asleep or maybe half asleep, I can tell you what Joey said is true. The humans also said "don't know if Herbie is Kitchen GOD or Kitchen DOG

Poor Herbie looked so pathetic. I know how you feel about leaving the kitchen.

rafv said...

Oh gosh... How unglam you can get... I am deeply sad that you are destroying our dog's name(If there is any).. Not much dogs are greedy like him, He is really leading in this competition..


herbie said...

this is called... standing for my rights... literally... :P