*scratch* scratch* scratch*

Oh no... I am having rashes again. This time, it is a bit more serious than before. I am always allergic to grass. especially if it is a bit damp. As you guys know, I love going to dog run to play fetch, or to roll over my ball in the grass. HC tried to protect my skin as much as possible by letting me wear a tee. But there are certain parts that the tee can't cover such as lower belly, head and legs. (Dun tell me to wear boots... HC bought for me before, but my legs go all over the place when I wore them, in the end, I refused to walk/run when I am made to wear them).

OOps.... R(A) shots


ice said...

poor u.. that looks painful.

rafv said...

Oh joey, poor thing.. Don't worry, I will ask my mum to look for you a spiderman costume in Japan. hehe, then you will cover entire body!

Must be hilarious!

hiak hiak