SG Dloggers Party

While FuFu the hams-terrier was busy picking up dogs from all over the world in his FuFuMOBILE to visit Santa Paws, we decided to go with HC to the SG Dloggers Party. (Ermm…wait, Fu Fu, how did you managed to squeeze in 16 dogs in your FuFumobile? Was it magic?)

Finally, after months of reading each other’s blog – we met up with Jay, CoCo, Whisky, Brandy, Bond and Boo Boo.

Jay and CoCo. CoCo seems so small and sweet, how can she be a biter?

Jay and CoCo were really pampered. For the entire party, they were either carried or sat inside the stroller.

While their two other playmates were made to sit on the floor and had to wear costumes for the Best Dressed Contest.

Brandy the reindeer and Whisky the elf(?)

Erm... Santa's busy working bee? (Bear Bear)

Fu Fu????

Oopss.. I forgot to take a picture of BooBoo and Bond!

Back home, I am so tired and couldn't keep my eyes open.

Wake me only when it is time to open the presents, ok?


buster said...

Hey you even dressed up for the pawty?

Have a very merry x-mas guys!

Bussie Kissies

joestains said...

looks like a greeat party!

fufu said...

Joey, yeah somehow my FuFuMOBILE can pack in all the doggies. hee.. Hope you had fun in the pawty and You took pic with my Stand-in. Thanks for your xmas present. I love it. :)

~ fufu