Celebrating Xmas

HC said she had an 'obligation' to celebrate X'mas Eve without us. To make up for not being with us, she gave us an early X'mas present.

My singing Santa who goes, "Ho Ho Ho ... Merry Xmas..." and then start singing "Santa is coming to town". I loved it!

Since it's X'mas, I let Jack play with it for a while.

Jack chewing the Santa. I hope he don't kill it.

Jack hugging Santa to sleep.

When HC came back from her 'obligatory' party, she smelled very familiar. Jack and I sniffed her all over, and I decided to check on her camera to see the 'evidence'.

Why is Tommy's picture in her camera?

And what is that pork rib doing in front of Tommy? Does that mean she went to a party when there's other dogs around? I thought dogs are not ALLOWED???

HC quickly distracted my attention by placing all our presents together on the floor.


HC especially like this present as it is the one-and-only bowl in the world.

Thank you everyone for the wonder presents!


Boy n Baby said...

The bowl is so boo-tiful. Isnt that you n Kaylie on the bowl?

Boy n Baby

Boy n Baby said...

Ooops we got mixed up.. must be the wine..hehe. What we meant you n Jack.

Boy n Baby

fufu said...

That's alot of presents and Jack looks realy comfy with Santa. Nice bowl. :)

~ fufu

joestains said...

oh my you got a MILLION presents!! merry christmas!!!

jenn said...

Wow, nice gifts. You are one lucky dog.

Happy holidays!

FRQSTR=19274566x300502:1:1440|19274566|19274566|19274566|19274566 said...

Hey you look real happy in that first shot!

Bussie Kissies