Toto - updates

Remember Toto, the stray dog in HC's office?

This was how small he was four months back.

Now he is almost 2.5 times bigger!

HC and colleague have been feeding him. They have come to a set time table- HC will feed at 8.30a.m. with mainly dry food, and occasional wet canned food. Her colleague will feed him during lunch time with duck/chicken bones and pork ribs that either she bought cheap from food stall or leftover dinners. Although HC is not keen on feeding Toto cooked bones and had tried to dissuade unsucessfully to her colleague about the cons of feeding cooked bones. Likewise, her colleague tried to tell HC unsucessfully that feeding raw mutton bones will make the dog "aggressive" (hahahaha). Well, I guess not everyone share the same thoughts about dogs' feeding.

On long weekends, HC will drive back to her workplace and feed Toto. Sometimes, she even provide stew meat with eggs over plain rice. We are soooooo jealous...

Of course, HC brought us along during the weekend visits. But Toto freaked out when Jack barked at him at HIS (TOTO'S) territory.

And HC said that after 4 months of feeding and talking nicely to Toto, he is still very shy and will not stand more than 1 metre away from her. But HC had seen him wagging his tail when she walks by and is pretty touched at that, considering that he growls (and then runs away) when someone else walks near.

Toto enjoying his X'mas meal (turkey, prawns, fried rice, teriyaki chicken, lyonnaise potatoes)


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Scout said...

I think it's so nice of your HC and her friends to take care of Toto. :)

Sunshade said...

heheheheheehe..... yeah, people have told mum that feeding me raw will make me want to kill animals (including people).....hmmm........ I guess that's why I protect my pet rabbit Georgie and refuse to eat raw rabbit meat??

However, ti's so very nice of your mom and her colleague to feet Toto, he looks great and healthy. I do cringe a little when I hear he gets chicken and duck bones cooked..... hope he chew every piece of it well...

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade