Another Ability of Jack's

Remember I posted about Jack's special ability?

Well, he has another, but this ability has gotten him into trouble many many times. Last night he went abit too far and got himself into serious trouble!

While the humans were having dinner at Scuba's house, Auntie Sam went into the kitchen to get more rice. Jack sneaked in behind her, went straight to the garbage bin, used his muzzle to lift up the lid, put his whole head inside the bin and rummaged out a huge chicken breast bone.
HC went up to Jack, caught hold of his muzzle and digged out the huge bone. After that, she started to slap him real hard and hold down his muzzle.

In order to get Jack to learn a bitter lesson, HC leashed him and 'threw' him outside the house. She closed the door on him (HC : I leashed him very near to the gate in case Jack went crazy and start biting the neighbours.)

We, the dogs were quite petrified and didn't dare to go near the closed door. I was sitting on Auntie S's lap while throwing worried glances at HC who was fuming.

Only Ginger dared to go near to the closed door.

After a short 5 mins (probably an eternity to Jack), HC opened the door slightly and took some pictures. Auntie S laughingly said that since we started the blog, the humans never fail to take pictures even when they were angry.

A sorry looking Jack.

Of course HC didn't let him in immediately. She opened and closed the door like 3 times, each time scolding him and making him do a down position.

Finally, he was allowed back into the house. But still got punished to do a 'bang'

Scuba's grand godmother was saying Jack's so smart to lift open the rubbish lid. But why can't he learnt to do something useful instead? like Sunshade's unlocking car doors ? What is the use of learning how to lift up the rubbish lid and rummaged through it?

Auntie V then got a bright idea and wanted to get Pepper (Jack's petrified of Pepper, and Pepper hate dogs) and Jack to take a picture together.

Pepper hissed and hissed non-stop. Jack tried to move away several times.

So this is the 'closest' picture HC could take.

Amidst all the scolding, punishing, slapping, door slamming and cats hissing session, I was tucked safely on Auntie S's lap.

And where is our dear Tommy.....???

Hiding behind the coffee table and sofa. Far, far away from the evil cats, dogs and humans.

(Tommy wasn't smiling.. he's panting nervously)

And the fur-owner of the house ?

In La-La land despite the commotion.

Scuba guardian Xmas gifts

(HC : I hated it when Jack or Joey steals food. Most times, they will spit out the food whenever I scolded them, but meat and bones are a different story. Their motto is : Eat now, 'die' later. I remembered once, on a Christmas Eve, I bought only ONE chicken curry drumstick and rice for lunch as I was anticipating a heavy dinner. Just when I was about to eat, Jack poo on the papers. I went to clear the soiled papers and didn't realised it was a ploy by Jack to steal my chicken drumstick.I was real upset and whacked him really hard and left him outside the house for 20 mins. I had to eat plain rice with some curry sauce for my Xmas lunch. reallyupset....
After that bitter lesson, Jack had not stolen food off the table for a long time.
I hope he learnt his lesson last night, and will not rummaged through the bins again. But I seriously doubt he can remember cos chicken bones are just too irresistable.. sigh )


Scuba said...

Gee Auntie G was SUPER ANGRY and what can I do - pretend to go to sleep and partly act like I am guarding the pressies under the tree.

I think Auntie G should feed Jack and Joey more food. Maybe they are hungry. I know the feeling of hunger.

Oh maybe I should add to my list for Santa Paws - I wish J&J will be given double their share of food

rafv said...

Oh men... I have ever seen Antie G got angry before. Yap, super duper fierce.. Almost my heart beat stopped.(No joke..) . huuu.. Lucky I was not there yesterday.
and Scuba.. You are forever same. You should learn commotion is not the same as beautiful song or sweet sound. Something is not right thingy happened..


Buster said...

Bravo Jack! Oops I mean bad dog!

Bussie Kissies

joestains said...

what a bad dog, but I have to admit I was jealous of him for those few seconds he had that glorious chicken bone in his mouth!

Joey said...

well, the worse thing for Jack is he didn't get to EAT the chicken bone.. rofl

Comet and BLU said...

I feel for you Jack, I really do. I just don't understand humans. If they don't want something and throw it away, it should be fair game for us. After all, for everything we eat, we save the planet by reducing landfill waste. (Is your human buying that? ...My girl didn't either)

My girl does the same thing. I once grabbed a piece of pizza crust that she wasn't going to eat. She dropped a perfectly good slice so she could leap across the room, tackle me, and shove her hand down my throat to get it back. That was really scary! Then she threw me outside for 10 minutes and threw away the crust!

I'm like Tommy. When the girl gets mad and yells at Comet, I run and hide. I don't like yelling.

ps. We got your card today. Very fun!

Boo said...

Can you guys tell me how to lay hands, I mean paws, on those food? I cant seems to find any food at home !!!!

I wonder where my humans keep them ....

GRrrrrrrroooolllll. ..... *hungry hungry***

alfie said...

jack, i once picked up a discarded chicken bone in my grandma's garden / quickly swallowed it when i saw my mum approaching me. boy o boy i walloped by my mum / never saw her that furious too.
she says i shouldnt behave like a stray dog picking up food bits whenever i come across them.
jack my mum will 'sayang' u like she often does when she sees u ok? cheer up.

Boy n Baby said...

Oh no...Jack. Were you very hungry then? We are so sad that you were punished.

Boy n Baby

p/s: we got your boo-tiful card. Thanks

herbie said...

Hai.... I have once suffered the same fate as well. I think our owners exchange tips on how to punish us.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
Pls give Jack a big lick from me.. hope his ego is still intact after being so severely punished in front of his friends!!
(And the worst thing is after all this, he did not get THAT chicken bone!! Darn...)

fufu said...

Oh no. I hope Jack is forgiven now.

~ fufu

Tin Tin said...

Lemme at that bin. I'll rummage through anything for anything remotely edible.

I even eat the grass outside, which of course comes back up to visit.

Well done Jack, ummmmm, sorry human girl.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

scout said...

i stole mummy's cheesecake that was in the bin and she beat me too. my defence is that its in the bin so if the ants can have it, so can i!

Boomer said...

Hey Joey and Jack! I just wanted to thank you for the Christmas card. You two look so cute standing on the soccer ball.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!


ice's slave said...

what happens when u walk both dogs and both manage to find chicken bones at ONCE?

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