Weird Creatures

HC said dogs are weird creatures....

Let me explain why she said that.

Since goodness-knows-when, whenever we arrived home, we are trained to sit outside the house and wait for HC to carry us from the doorstep to the toilet. You see, Jack and I bathe partially (belly, bum, legs) every day using either diluted or medicated shampoo depending on the weather. (If the ground was damp, medicated shampoo will be used). This is because we will get rashes if only a simple wipe down was done.

Anyway, in recent months, Jack and I had decided to change our routine despite HC's violent objections.

If we go to the dog run that day, we will sit outside the corridor willingly and patiently wait for HC to carry us from doorstep to toilet.

But, if we simply go for a walk or home visiting, we will NOT sit outside the corridor. We will step into the house, sit near to the main door, and wait patiently for HC to carry us into the toilet (which is located about 3 metres away).

HC said that we are sooooo weird.

But our logic are simple.

Dog Run = FUN = muddy body

Walk/House visiting/Human's having dinner = NOT SO FUN = less muddy body/paws

Thus, with cleaner bodies, we won't dirty the house right?

HC couldn't figure out how dogs, with their smaller-than-human brains but bigger-than-pea sized brains could differentiate between very muddy body and not-so-muddy body.

Do you guys have any habits that humans find it weird?


fufu said...

Joey, your logic makes perfect sense to me. :)

~ fufu

Buster said...

I always know when they put on shoes it is time to go o-u-t!

Bussie Kissies

joestains said...

you guys are so smart! I am sure it is because you are named Joey, just like me. I am the smartest boston terrier I know.

Boy n Baby said...

Both of you are so smart!

Boy n Baby