Last night I dreamt of....


Actually, I can't quite remember what the dream was about, but HC is very sure that it was Scuba that I dreamt of.

Well, for the first time in her years of living with me, I growled in my sleep. And the only dog that I was upset with these past two days was Scuba.
(Usually when I dream, I only whine, make 'hiccup' sounds and moved my limbs in the air as if I am running).


The last two evenings, we were all taking 'shelter' at Scuba's house due to the raining season. I had been very upset with Scuba because

(1) He was eyeing at the humans' dinner and dessert (X'mas cookies). Scuba actually had the nerve to stand on his hind legs (front paws on the table) and took a cookie. I was so angry that I was growling and snarling at him at the other end of the table.

(2) He was checking out the presents under the X'mas trees the whole time. When I realised he was trying to open one of the presents, I couldn't take it anymore! In retaliation, I took another present and tore it. Unfortunately, HC saw it and stopped me. She was upset as the present that I tore (it's only a teeny wheeny corner) was a present to Herbie from Auntie Sam. Sorry, Herbs... you can give it to me if you don't want a torn present. :)

Last night, Scuba even grabbed a present and ran around the house with it. The humans and I were chasing him around the house. Uncle C said that I looked as if I was gonna bite his (I mean Scuba's, not Uncle C's) testicles from behind as I was chasing him.


HC : Joey has very bad manners and is very possessive. He doesn't care if the cookies and presents are not his. He made growling sound when he saw other dogs checking out what he thinks is his. Joey and Scuba are going crazy with the amount of presents under the tree, I'll bet they wish Xmas is tomorrow!


Scuba said...

You dreamt of me WOW

You shouldn't be angry with me because you know I will always share my food. I think you have to send a wish to Santa asking him to make your HC's give you and Jack more food.

Huskee Boy said...

Wow.. I sure hope Scuba's 'family jewels' are still intact..!! Next time if this happens again, you must let HC know that you guys were just playing a game of 'Follow the Leader' so whatever the owner does, the guests must follow..hiak hiak..

*** Oh, and THANK YOU for your presents, Jack and Joey.. Can't wait to open them!! ***

Scuba's Godma: I am very surprised cos Scuba is usually quite well-behaved.. for him to 'steal' a present from under the tree and escape with it is really not like him!!.. Must the the temptation of all the presents!

Joey said...

Scuba : I have short memory - I am not angry with you this moment hehehe

Huskee : thank you for your presents (to Jack too). Oh, and the last I checked, Scuba's jewels still jiggles. :)
I heard you not going for the Xmas party? poor Jack won't get to meet you then.

Boy n Baby said...

Oh no, did you get into trouble for tearing that corner. Tell HC, it is Christmas time to be jolly.. Hehe. Hopefully it works.

Boy n Baby

Opy said...

Hey Joey,

Just letting you know that you have been nominated for "Photo of the Month" Award over at the Bone Zone. Head on over and cast your vote :-)


rafv said...

haha. You look quite fierce when you get so temptated by something. I know that. I always admire that you have so good focus on food or toys. Good things in a way!

R R R(la la la)

Buster said...

Was there something edible in the pressie Scuba stole from under the tree?

Bussie Kissies

joe stains said...

Oh Joey, sometimes it is hard to be a good boy? sometimes you try sooo hard to be good you end up being bad!

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