Willy's here for a holiday

Willy's parents went for an overseas trip and decided Willy also need a short holiday from his other siblings and sent him to my home.

Before long, he decided to make himself comfy on Jack's bed even though his parents bring along his bed.

Small dog on a big bed. What a waste of space!

Jack had no choice but to squeeze into Willy's tiny bed. Can you see how unhappy he is?

At night, Willy get to sleep on the human's bed with us.

To celebrate his arrival, HC bought french duck...

and Emu meat!

The emu meat is delicious, and I gobbled it raw without hesitation. But Jack couldn't get used to the taste and keep spitting out the raw meat. So HC had to steam it as Jack prefers the steam version. What a waste, HC should have just given Jack's share to me. I don't mind if it was spitted out by Jack. I am not a fussy dog!

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billiejean said...

Hi Joey, your HC gives you a variety of exotic meat....I bet you have eaten kangaroo meat raw too, isn't that yummy.. well, I ate it cooked.