Willy's here - Part II

Besides the Emu and french duck, HC also bought a packet labelled as "Meat Dust for Pets" at the butchery. The packet weighed about 500g and cost only $2!!! According to the butcher, these are balances from their regular meat for humans - and there is a mix of 4 kinds of meat (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb). As HC does not like to feed raw pork, she decided to steam it for me and Willy. Obviously, Jack does not get to eat it as he is allergic to beef and pork.

(HC : the meat dust seems like a really good deal. I don't see any fats in it, and the dogs poop was very nicely formed after. ok... I don't know why but we humans seem to have a fetish over dog poop examination.. lol)

See how big a bowl Willy get to eat? Small dog, big appetite..

Willy told me although he misses his mum and dad, he is enjoying his stay here as he goes out with us every day. In fact, he is the first one to dash out of the house whenever we are going out.

Besides going to the dog park, he also get to visit my friends.

Helios and Willy. I don't know why Helios looked so worried.

Scuba, Helios' human sister (baby S) and Willy. It was a blurred image cos Scuba was shaking his head, baby S was trying to 'sayang' Willy by gently laying her head on Willy. haha

HC wanted another clearer shot but baby S didn't have the patience... thus the sobbing face.


Kasha said...

Such a sweet face even if she is upset!


billiejean said...

Hi Joey... true true, human just loves to obsess over doggie poo.. My Mummy always examine my poo to see if I am well.. he he...

What's In My Yard? said...

:) this is a fun site. You can check out my dog Ozzy in my latest post.