Happy News

It was a very happy week for all of us.

Remember Jack was due for his cornea operation last Saturday?

On the day of op, HC had wanted to just drop Jack off at the clinic. But the vet told HC he wants to do a pre-op check. During the check, the vet was very surprised to find that the cornea had healed. It was a miracle as the cornea didn't heal at all for the last 3 weeks, and just before the op - it healed! (The last review was 5 days before the op, and the wound was still quite big).... so really it is a miracle.

Then Billyjean and Cookie visited us at our place. Both Cookie and I had a 'bad experience' with each other many years back. But surprisingly, we were all cordial and well-behaved. I am sure looking forward to more visits from them.
(sorry - no photo as the humans were more preoccupied with eating and yakking)

Yesterday, Jack had a belated cake as HC didn't buy him 1 last week for fear of upsetting his stomach before surgery.

He had a 'shou tou' - peach that usually for older people as it symbolises longevity. HC said only dogs who are about 100 yrs old will get it.

Jack also had a choir to sing him a birthday song. Although one of them keep singing "happy birthday to JOEYYYY"... hahahaha.. it was funny.

Jack likes to call them N.L.B. - nasty little things ... hahahahaha.. now I know why.


billiejean said...

Oh.. and how old is Jack this year? Already 100 in human years? Wow.. Jack grows old gracefully..
Now that Cookie and Joey can be polite to each other, we sure can visit often and go walkie walkie together lor..

Anonymous said...

heyheyhey, no need operation is indeed good news!