Many Firsts

Willy has had many 'firsts' while staying with us..

Daily brushing of teeth - this is a nightly routine for all of us. And since Willy has joined us - he is not spared. At first he will grumbled* a little, but now he has more or less accepted it. Just to let you know, four of Willy's teeth was surgically removed a couple of years ago as the vet said it was decaying.

Frequent Showering / Nightly wipe down - Whenever we go to the park, we will get washed otherwise Jack and I would get rashes. Again, Willy is not spared! :)
An as an after shower rinse - we would have diluted ACV poured all over our body to prevent ticks/fleas, and HC will let it stay on our body for 5 mins before patting us dry. However, we are very smart to shake off the water. Stupid Willy will just stand there with water dripping and shivering! :) Of course he grumbles .

(HC : Willy's grumbling is very unique. He will gives out this low grunting sounds - like a pig, whenever he is unhappy or wants attention. He is not used to all these showering and brushing as I think his teeth was never brushed and he had shower like every few weeks back home)

But other than the above, he is happy with his other 'firsts'.

The first time he had deer tendon!

The first time he had raw lamb bone

The bone is bigger than his leg!

Surprisingly, he took raw diet very well with no signs of detox, and he enjoys his meals very very much.
HC didn't want to feed him kibbles as he will take a few bites and walked away. And she really didn't have to time to sit and watch him eat - knowing that Jack and I will gobbled up whatever kibbles there is.

Of course - Jack and I each get a mutton bone too!

Here's Jack

And handsome Me!


billiejean said...

Your HC is really nice! Last night grandma rescue a few days old kitty/doggy.. can't tell the difference. Eyes still shut.

Billie Jean

Joe Stains said...

You guys are turning Willy into a properly cared for dog, good job. I bet he is loving his new life even with the new inconveniences ;)

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
Looks to me like Willy is enjoyinghis life over at your place under the care of HC and you guys! (Ok, other than the frequent showering)..

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Willy sure is well taken care with you doggies. And you sure still are very handsome Joey. :)

~ Girl girl