All's Well At Home

Remember I said that Jack is feeling miserable about Willy taking over his bed?

HC couldn’t bear to see Jack circling the bed (when Willy is on it) and looking unhappy. So she went to Ikea to get a big cushion for Willy.

Instead, silly Jack is happy with the new cushion and immediately bring his chew toy on it.

Everyone is happy – and HC decided to bring us to Sentosa.

This is Willy’s first time to the beach – in fact, he hardly ever leave the house in the last 10 years.

At first, he was quite unsure of the vast and breezy place.

Willy to Jack : what are we doing here?

Then he started to relax a little and looked around with interest.

There isn’t much photos taken (thank god!)… as we were distracted by the appearance of my girlfriend – Alfie (another JRT).

HC caught Willy eating sand off the beach – and scolded him a couple of times. But I think he ate too much. So by late afternoon, he started to puke and pooped lots of sand out.

By night, he started to just leak blood from his anus, and looked very uncomfortable.

He is just sitting straight on the bed looking sick.

He started lying down only when HC patted him repeatedly.

Then the next morning, he fell really really sick. He didn’t want to eat at all (which is rare cos he is such a glutton). Even when HC bring him to the toilet area to pee, he laid down to rest. And HC knew he is seriously sick when he didn’t even moved from his bed when we went out for a walk.

So before HC left for work, she confined him to a playpen in case he vomited all over the house.

He hid under the layers of towels to keep himself warm.

HC is puzzled when I gave her 'the look'.

Then she realised that I was unhappy that she used my food bowl as water bowl for Willy!

HC came back from work and tried to feed him more food. Again he refuses to eat. So HC forced fed him some chicken broth to avoid dehydration and slipper elm for his upset stomach.

Here's how he looked the entire night - not moving at all.

Luckily, by this morning – Willy is up and about. HC is elated to see him going to the kitchen when he smell steamed mutton (HC steam his meals instead of feeding raw to retain the broth in case he didn’t want to eat).

And after not having food for 1.5 days – he ate up all the mutton greedily.

Oh well, I had 2 days of peace as Willy was too sick to annoy me. But I am glad he is ok now.


Joe Stains said...

sounds like sickness is going around, Tanner got it too. we are glad he is feeling better!

Huskee Boy said...

Ohhhh nooo.. Willy ate sand??! The poor lil' guy looked so small and sick in the pic.. I feel so sorry for him! Glad he's back to his usual gluttony self.. (Maybe you and Jack forgot to tell him NOT to eat sand before you set off to the beach)..

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear poor Willy, glad he's better now. You're so nice to loan him your bowl Joey

~ Girl girl