Belly Band

After HC knew that Willy will stay with us for longer than the usual one week, she decided to DIY a belly band for him.

Actually, Willy does not mark at our place. He had only had 2 minor accidents during the first 2 days, and is now totally reliable. Even when he is alone (HC will bring us out sometimes without him, he does not mark or mess up the place).

But she heard from her previous owner that sometimes he marks at home. HC thinks that is because Willy is usually confined in the kitchen, and only let out for an hour or even less per day - thus he felt the need to mark his territory.

Anyway, HC sometimes will bring Willy along to friends' place - and didn't want him to mark unnecessarily due to the presence of other dogs. So she read up about the belly band and decided to diy.

The purpose of the belly band is to protect the furniture should a dog marks. Also, some dogs will actually cease marking as it is uncomfortable due to the damp belly band. The trick is to let the dog wear the damp belly band around so he knows the uncomfortable consequence.
*note : do clean the dog properly after in case of infection.

And the funny thing is that to allow the DIY belly band to absorb more liquid - HC actually placed a human mini sanitary pad on it! hahahaha....

Willy is definitely not a happy dog wearing the humiliating band.

But HC does not know if it really works cos Willy has not marked !
For dogs who marks, owners may want to try this method to save their furnitures and sanity!
*note : belly band are not supposed to be worn the entire day. Please remove the band when the dog needs to pee at designated place.


Joe Stains said...

that is denying him is artistic ability to stain. I am against this. no censorship of art!! ;)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. but it's good that Willy has not mark anywhere yet

~ Girl girl