Jack's teeth and ears

Jack is an avid chewer, and one of his favourite toy is called "Puppy Keys" - basically a bunch of plastic keys. He likes to bring it around and chews the ring.

This is probably the 3rd or 4th replacement.

This old one is to be discarded.

Noticed how he managed to chew through the ring and bend it?

Searching through this blog, HC realised that it took Jack 11 months to do such damage.

Jack is about 13-15 years old now.... HC doesn't know exactly how old as Jack was an abandoned dog.

Recently, HC finds that Jack respond to her command slower than normal. She's not sure if it was selective listening or he really can't hear.

But the other day, we were at the park at night. HC moved away from her usual spot to find a seat to rest on. Jack, who was wandering around came back to HC's usual spot, and couldn't find HC. It was dark, and HC could tell Jack was a bit worried as he looked left, right for HC (HC was wayyyy behind him). HC started calling Jack.... and she can tell that he could hear her - but doesn't know which direction.

So I think Jack's hearing has deteriorated. Perhaps, HC will send him for an ear check soon.

How can a dog with such big ears have problems hearing?

(Jack smiling for once)

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Huskee and Hershey said...

Hmmm.. our mom thinks that Huskee's eyesight and hearing is deteriorating too. Usually when she comes home, he'd be able to hear her fiddling with the keys/ lock, but lately, she can walk into the house and Huskee will still be snoozing in the room. :(