Night-time Snacks

We have 1 proper meal of raw meat in the morning, and a night-time snack before bed. The night-time snacks are usually steamed pumpkin, which will 'end up' in a nice, firm poop the next day :) The other day, HC was buying pumpkin for us. While she was looking at which pumpkin to pick, a middle-aged aunty saw and told HC how to choose sweeter pumpkin. She passed HC one and said "this is sweet!" and proceeded to lecture HC on how to cook it. HC then replied that it was for her dogs. Upon hearing it, the aunty grabbed the pumpkin from HC's hand and pushed another smaller (not so fresh looking one) and said, "ah for dogs? take this smaller one then. Dogs do not need to eat so good pumpkins!!". The aunty then walked away as if she couldn't be bothered about this 'crazy' woman buying pumpkins for her dogs. HC was dumbfounded for a while at her reaction - and then secretly laughed at the aunty's ignorance and stupidity. .......... ........... Here's how HC prepares our pumpkin - fuss free. She buys quarter-cut pumpkin about twice a week. Put the pumpkin in a deep bowl and steamed it for 1/2 an hour. When it's done, HC discard the middle portion with its seeds. The pumpkin will then stored into a container. Once cooled, it is stored in the fridge and would usually be able to last us for a few days.

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Alfie's Mum said...

So how to choose sweet ones? I boil them and give Hap together with the 'soup'.