Thunderstorm and a Birthday

The weather these days have been very stormy, and I get abit scared whenever there's thunderstorm. Luckily, HC was at home the other day. I sat as close to her as possible. As the thunderstorm progresses, I decided HC had to carry me. *begging to be carried* *please, please??* When HC ignores my pleading, I got more demanding. Jack does not care about the thunderstorm and slept throught it. It's was also his birthday last Saturday. The Birthday Boy (looks good for a 14 years old, eh?) HC didn't have time to get us a cake. So she decided to pamper us with an extra serving of chicken thigh. We usually eat our meat raw, but as a treat - HC decided to fry it as it is more fragrant. Removing the oil. Cut into smaller pieces for us. Birthday boy gets to eat his chicken first.


Sophie said...

Hi there Joey and co! Longtime lurked, firsttime poster. Its not great when dogs are afraid of thunder or fireworks or anything - my older dog is afraid of both and spends equal time cowering behind me and pacing around the room. Last time we had fireworks though the puppy just slept through them! I love reading about your guys' adventures, and Jack does look pretty good for 14!

Loh A W Michelle said...

Happy Belated Barkday to Jack. He does look good for a 14 yrs. I have a 12yrs old JRT who I adopted him at age of 9yrs he was an abandon dog.

Joey said...

Hi Sophie and Michelle

Thanks for reading. For the longest time, HC thought this blog have no other readers except for a few close friends. It's great to know there are still people out there who bothers to read our blog. Thanks again.

Loh A W Michelle said...

Hi Joey,

Do link me up at

My dogs are also on raw food (commercial raw - Dr B Patties). I am still a learner and is reading up and hopefully one day I am able to DIY raw meal for them.

Btw, does your HC remove the bone before feeding you with the chicken. Looks good and where does your HC get your meat source from? Sorry too many questions, hope your HC won't mind

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!
Sure it was pawesome you two enjoyed a yummilicious chicken to celebrate his big day!
Sorry about the storms, Joey!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Joey said...

Hi Michelle
Yes, for our birthday chicken,the bone was removed before frying.

for raw - we would take boneless breast meat, and lamb meat. We don't take alot of big RMB cos the bigger ones might chipped our teeth. Occasionally, we do get chix necks, little drumlets, wings and tulang.
She gets our meat supply from wet markets and the upmarket butchery in Novena Sq 2.