Birthday and Presents

We celebrated Scuba's birthday last Saturday.

A home-made cake for the 8 year old birthday boy.

There is also a figurine of him on the cake! The expression was so like him - when he's staring at the human's food.

Sometimes I forgot my manners when presented with such yummy food.

I just had to sit close to the cake. (note : birthday boy is on the far left side)

The human kids got all excited and started singing the birthday song. My human god-sister - Sherylyn took after me - we are both love attention!

Again, I had to squeeze in front and sat on Auntie Viv's lap when she was trying to take a picture with the birthday boy.

Since Scuba loves to sleep, we gave him a bed!

Of course we got ourselves new beds too - in 3 different colors!

Pink/white checks

Red/Green checks

and a green.


Alfie's Mum said...

Hey I wanna buy those comfy beds for Hap. Ask your Mum tell me where she got them from.

PetDoggies said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Mine is round the corner! Haaaa! Really thank you for such great info! I would want to know more regarding dogs chews. I do love pet doggies and I think it is great to have an adoption for dogs as well! Looking forward to it!

Shane Kent Louis said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you! Hope you enjoy your day in celebrating your special day with your love ones! your cake looks delicious! ^_^

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Barking Dog Collar said...

That was nice. Belated Happy Birthday Scuba! I love your cake and the design of it. So cute! Enjoy!