ASD Tea Pawty

Back in January, we went to ASD Charity Lunch. This time round, they organised another event - a high tea buffet.

To show our support, both Jack and myself went to the event. It was held in Klapson Hotel's rooftop - it was breezy.. but super hot in the late afternoon.

We were there late as HC was caught in a horrible horrible traffic jam and poor Helios had to take a cab there with his M.

The perpetually drooling Helios...

Billyjean was there too with her owner.

And us, begging for food.

We also met a new friend- Homer there. He's a big sized handsome GR although Jack did yell at him a couple of times when he gets too close for comfort! haha.. but that's so typical of Jack - he's forever rude.

My friends - Billyjean, Helios and Homer all joined some doggy contest, and won some edible biscuit medals. We didn't enter any contest tho as my HC was too lazy and tired to do anything other than eat. LOL.

We did steal a biscuit medal though at the end of the event cos there's leftovers!

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Homer said...

Dear Jack, I still love you!