My Birthday..

I am really sad as my birthday came and went without any celebration..

In fact, my HC didn't even realised it was my birthday until facebook prompted her! (Yes, I had a facebook account as HC set it up on my behalf when she was very much addicted to facebook's game then.)

She said it slipped her mind as she is busy with the "BIG MOVE" end of this month.

Yes, she took almost 2 years to made up her mind to move from our current cozy place.

We were there last weekend as HC was doing some minor packing and waiting for the delivery of the new bed.

(HC : I noted an interesting fact about Jack, my other dog. When the workers were installing the bed, Jack was barking madly even though he was in the kitchen and the workers and I were in the room. But when I am in Jack's full view - he would calm down and stopped barking. I think Jack was worried about the intruders harming me. That's how protective Jack is)

Resting on my new bed while HC was busy packing.

HC promised she would get me a cake when she's free. I wonder when would that be?


Sophie said...

Happy belated birthday, Joey.

Anonymous said...


Lucca said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Joey! Been reading your blog..=)