Garage Sale

We will be doing a garage sale on Sept 11 at our walk up apartment located somewhere along Thomson Road. Do email us at for the full address.

I (Joey) will be there to monitor and perhaps give you a few kisses. My grouchy brother, Jack (fortunately) will not be there as he kisses quite differently - like a vampire! .. hahaha and he gets very stress if he sees people taking away our stuff.

There were quite a bit of stuff for sale at unbelievable price - so please come.

Once upon a time, HC was very into 'handicraft' but obviously it didn't last long judging by the unopened beads pack.

Also 5 different pliers are avail. (there's only 4 in this pic). All very good condition as she only used it ONCE!

There are also 2 packets of 50 litres top up beads. Please let us know in advance cos this will not be on display during the garage sale.

and many many others...

(this microwave must be reserved in advance as it will not be on display at the garage sale)

Hope to see you come Sept 11!

- Joey -

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Anonymous said...

Too funny,
the only game my tibetan-terrorist plays is 'Git Momma' and the I'm too lazy to sell my craft supplies.