Jack's new toy

Jack found a new toy.

It took HC about less than a minute to realise that her shades had dropped on the floor and Jack had claimed it as his 'toy'.

This is how he looked when HC exclaimed, "Hey, stupid Jack.. .what are u doing?"

The damages....

This is HC's new shades that she bought last month while holidaying overseas. She was very sure Jack took less than a minute to create this damage, as we had just came back from a walk and HC left her shades on top of the cabinet (which then fell off to the floor - cos Jack and I do not steal things which is above our height). She went to rinse our feet towel, and when she came back to the room - the damage was done.

Luckily she didn't punish Jack cos she knew that our policy is.. "whatever on the floor is OURS". She could only blame her own carelessness.


billiejean said...

Ha ha ha ha ha... Poor shade..

Huskee and Hershey said...

Oh dear... poor HC!! I hope those sunnies are not very expensive.. Heehee...

Mimi said...


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