Bishan Dog Run

If you have read my friend Helio's blog, you would know about the closure of bishan dog run. It was supposed to be re-open yesterday - 24th Sept 2010. So HC drove us there even though it had rained heavily - hoping that we would be the first few to see the new/old dog run.

Can you see the old dog run behind whereby its fences have been removed?
Looks like nothing has been done since they removed the old fences on 13 Sept. And the new dog run does not look like it can be completed anytime soon. The pictures can be found on Helio's blog.

Well, since we are already there - I demanded to play ball even though the dog run is technically closed and it is MUDDY.

I got my wish.

Can you see my muddy legs and belly? I loveeeeee mud bath.
Thank goodness Jack and I are reliable offleash - else we probably have to go home straightaway.
HC had already written to Nparks - who is the authority-in-charge of the revamp. Hopefully we will receive good news soon.
Please ask your humans to write to Nparks too! The more emails they receive, the likelihood of them moving their butts are quicker.


Beanie said...

hello! beanie's owner here! was googling bishan dog run to see if they reopened it. seems like they are pretty nonchalant bout keeping up with the scheduled dates. arghh

Joey said...

yup, thats how these authorities work... lol
Will keep u updated here.