Bishan Dog Run - updates

Nparks replied to HC regarding the operation of Bishan Dog Run. They even sent HC a picture of the new notice (I think they must secretly think my HC is a nosy bitch! LOL).

Obviously, they had a lousy camera or maybe just shaky hands from too much manual work - but the sign actually says "Turf Establishment 23/9/2010 - 15/10/2010".

Does this mean the new dog run is ready by 15/10/2010? For the sake of HC's sanity, I hope it does!

They also told HC that the new dog run will have two new taps but will only be ready in Dec 2010, due to phasing of works.

Fine, good.. that they are prompt with replying emails...

But why then does the fence of the old dog run needs to be removed?? I mean, the new dog run is at a different site, it is currently already blocked up (as seen in pictures)... why the hell do they need to remove the fence from the old dog run?? I still see the old fences lying on the ground for more than 10 days! They actually had no use for the fences! Why Why Why??


billiejean said...

Thank you so much for the Bishan dog run progress update.. In the meantime I have been playing fetch ball in the school field near my home..

Anonymous said...

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billiejean said...

Hi Joey, I went to bishan park to see the new dog run this afternoon.. the fence is up.. and the new dog run looks good too... hope it will be ready soon..