A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day for us.

HC bought us new toys again.

Jack's favourite key ring had fallen apart, and HC bought another one to replace it.

He's happy with the new ring. But I think secretly he still preferred the old, dirty one but HC had thrown it away.

I had a new ball (HC : Joey has a new ball like every week!)

After a long time, we were all tired from playing the toys and went to sleep.

Look at Jack's disgusting sleeping position?

Another position of Jack with his head hanging. I wasn't sleeping.. but just meditating.

(Jack was sleeping a bed named "Joey" while I was sleeping on one that says "Jack". But he likes round bed and I accommodated him on that)

Later in the afternoon, we met some doggy friends at a cafe. It's a really cool place as we get to sit on the couch.

We also had yummy chicken pasta. No pictures as we gobbled it up too fast.
It's a good day, but would have been better if we have a chicken pasta each instead of sharing it among 4 dogs!


billiejean said...

Yes it was a good day.. in the evening when we went walking after chicken pasta, the day was not so hot..but your HC is still walking with a mega-umbrella.. tsk tsk tsk

Helios said...

I heard my M offered to give Jack my 3.5 year old key ring?

TESOL certification said...

Surely feels like Christmas like a child whose happy given a new toy!