Good neighbours

We lived in a place where the neighbours are friendly and kind.

When it rains and HC is not at home, neighbours will help to collect her laundry back into their home (yes, we lived in a place where laundry are hang outside our unit - like those kampong style!).

HC regularly receives home-cooked dishes from another nice neighbour.

The neighbours tolerate my barking while playing ball. Sometimes, they would stop and watch me play.

Just the other day, HC was contemplating driving out to all her friends' place to collect newspapers for our poop/urine as our supplies were running low. Lo and behold, she opened her door and saw this...

A precious gift of newspapers from a kind neighbour. She had carried this all the way up 3 storeys just to give it to us.

The neighbours are so nice that HC couldn't bear to leave this place.

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billiejean said...

Wah... you are so lucky! Hope to see you next Saturday for Search & Rescue!