Bishan Dog Run - Updates II

Oh… we are getting so mad with Nparks.

First, it was closure of dog run for 10 days (13 – 23 Sep), then 1 month (13 Sept – 15 Oct), and the latest news is that they will extend the closure till 10 Nov which is a total duration of 2 months! Of course they added a disclaimer that dates is subject to site conditions, which means that the closure may be further extended till god-knows-when.

We were there 2 days ago, and were pleased to see that the new dog run is done up, with pavement and fenced up properly. The only construction works we saw were outside the new dog run. We were then quite sure it will be re-opened by this week. So you can guess how upset HC is upon receiving the email notification from Nparks.

HC also received news from another regular via email that he was told by a supervisor there that they have to wait for all the grass to grow back!

WHAT????? How can the grass grow properly without our nutrients??

HC had written to them again to expedite the opening of dog run as there was no reason not to as the construction were done outside. Even partial opening of the run will be greatly appreciated by all dogs, for sure.

To all regular visitors to dog run – do drop an email NPARKS_MAILBOX@NPARKS.GOV.SG

I am not getting any younger. 2 months to me is equivalent to 14 months for a human!


Anonymous said...

Is the fence back on the old dog run, or are both out of commission until Nov.??

Joey said...

both dog runs are closed....

Anonymous said...

I have sent an email to them, and they said they are closed till November.

The below is the reply I received from them.

"The dog run enclosure has been extended to 10/11/2010 for turf
establishment. Presently the contractor is trying to ensure that the soil
settles. If not, it may be detrimental to dog's legs. Opening up the lawn
too early without adequate establishment time will also be detrimental to
the turfing as bits and pieces will be kicked off"