We almost died...

yup... HC said we almost died due to her carelessness.

As usual, we had our morning meal routine. Jack will be fed first in the kitchen, while I am kept away in the living area as HC said I steal Jack's food.

While Jack was having his meal and I was whining impatiently to be fed - HC went out of the house with the garbage. This is nothing new as she will come back within a minute. But I waited, and waited and waited.. and HC only came back 20mins later. When we finally saw her, her face was pale and panting and we barked at her for taking such a long time to come back.

HC version of story is here:
What happened was that I went downstairs to throw away the garbage, but accidentally shut the door and left my house keys inside the house. I quickly looked for my neighbour who has my spare key. But alas, she was not at home. Luckily I had my mobile phone with me and tried to call her. By then, I was frantic as I remembered that I was steaming some food in the kitchen! My neighbour finally picked up on my second call - and said she was in a nearby hospital visiting her husband, and fortunately she had my house keys in her bag.

It was fortunately that it's a Sunday morning and taxis were readily available. I pleaded with the taxi driver to speed as I told him I was steaming some food, and my two dogs were stucked at home. I can imagine either the pot boiling over and scald Jack, or it might just explode! All horrible thoughts were running in my mind as the taxi sped along.

It took the taxi about 20 mins to finally sent me back home. By then I was experiencing cold sweat and shaky hands.. haha..

Thank goodness my neighbour wasn't too far away.. else god knows what will happen!


YL said...

WOAH!!!! sounds scary!!!! :O

billiejean said...

Oh my God... I always imagine this kind of thing happening, like wind blows and door slams, when I am watering the plants outside... So I always put my door keys in my poscket even when going outside for a minute... OMG OMG OMG..