Longest tongue

Any contest for dogs with longest tongue?

Do I qualify?


rafv said...

Joey, your tongue looks longer than your face.(from tip to the end) OMG!!!!


Jay said...

Ekkksss!!! Your tongue is so long! I think you will win this one right, if there is still a contest!


Buster said...

How does a tongue that long fit in a body that small?

And you fit a ball in your mouth along with it?

Bussie Kissies

fufu said...

Hey Joey,
What long tongue you have... Can you stretch you tongue out and grab things like a froggie?

~ fufu

Joey said...

hehe.. I didn't realise how long is my tongue until I saw the pictures myself

Scuba said...

Were you a maori before?

yl said...

btw, wat were the results of all those previous contest???? KELONG!!!!!

June said...

Hahaha.... reminds me of Milo from THE MASK.