Dental Apparatus

Ever since our diet has less RMBs (raw meaty bones) due to our little dental accidents, HC is worried about the state of our dental health. She feels that our teeth does not look as good as before despite the bi-monthly recreational bones.

The other day at the dog show, she bought this special toothbrush, 3-in-1 where the front, back and top teeth can be brush at the same time.

Weird-looking toothbrush

However, we don't like this toothbrush as we had to open our mouth real wide, which proved to be a real challenge to HC. Jack, who usually tolerants toothbrushing, started to growl a little nowadays. (of course, HC reprimanded him)

So she alternate this with our regular toothbrush -

Look, our Mickey Mouse toothbrush!

HC has more scary dental apparatus!

The smaller sharp apparatus is for her to dig out stuck tendons and meat pieces in-between our teeth. This is especially useful after our bi-monthly mutton bones.
The bigger one claims to remove tooth stain, which doesn't work, of course.

I think HC is obsessed with our dental health! Can someone please talk some sense to her?


Jay said...

Hi Joey, I suffer the same fate with you. J has all the above stuff, and I have to brush teeth EVERY NIGHT!



mynameisboo said...

hey joey, you think those chewing toys are enough to clean our teeth? mom is pretty worried about my teeth after seeing one 14 year old shih tzu with extremely bad teeth! she hasn't started brushing our teeth yet but intend to!

wet wet licks


Bond said...

Wow ! I am so much luckier than you .... I dont brush teeth, in fact NEVER, :))

All i have are bones and Gal Gal said that they are enough to clean up my breath and teeth

Scuba said...

No one call me the Dentist for nothing.

Do you need one?

But first you must all agree
1) not to growl at me when I get near
2) open your mouth real big
3) don't try to chew my up

Love Scuba

fufu said...

OMG, Joey the last pic is the scariest. You mean HC used that on you? Pain or not?

~ fufu *shivers*

Joey said...

jay - you are as poor thing as us.

Boo - chew toys not really enough cos there are corners that can be reach by chewing toys.

Bond - I have bones too.. and sometimes HC will hold the bone in certain position so that I have to clean all my teeth. Yet, she said it is not enough.

Scuba - i cannot guarantee I won't chew you. Just ask chewie how was his paw last nite! hehehehe

fufu - it looks scary but not painful IF I don't move. Does Eil brush your teeth? how does a ham-terrier toothbrush looks like? haha

Sunshade said...

Hey Joey, me again, that's one weird looking tooth brush I gotta say .... I'm hiding this post in case mum decided to get one of those to try on me....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

fufu said...

Joey. Hee nope I dont need to brush my teeth coz my teeth are super tiny. But Eil gives me hard fruits like apple/guava or chewing block to grind my teeth. I think I will faint if Eil puts the dental thingy in my mouth. Hee

~ fufu

russell said...

i think i will chop off those weird looking apparatus if my owner ever attempts to do that. i am already putting up with her cutting my dewclaw nails. Joey and Jack, i pity u boys! bwahahahha.

fee said...

wow, what a multi-bristled toothbrush! is it ticklish? if the humans were smart enough, they would've made edible toothbrushes. brush-n-eat. nice!

oops, time for me to brush my teeth in a while too...