How to be a good host?

The humans were having a coffee chat at Scuba's house (again), and Scuba's mum was saying that Scuba's a bad host.

You see, at about 9.30 p.m. every night, he will try to find a way to go to bed, regardless whether there are humans & dogs over at his place. Sometimes, he will stand by the bedroom door, asking to go to bed.

Other times, he will do this if his bed is in the living room.

Scuba : You guys are too noisy and the lights too bright!!

Scuba's mum finally decided that Scuba need to learn how to be a better host, and forcefully carried him up to join in the conversation.

Scuba: Do I really have to join in? *yawns*

On a separate note, PEPPER - Scuba's grouchy feline sibling decided to prepare himself for the forthcoming Deepavali holidays by applying an orange dot on his forehead.

Oh.. Happy Children's Day!


Jay said...

Scuba seemed very stoned.... Hahaha.. I like Ginger's dot on her forehead.

rafv said...

haha! this orange dot!! I hope its not done by evil C...
Cross cross..


fufu said...

Ginger looks cute. Is she hamster friendly?

~ fufu

Joey said...

Sorry oh.. Cat's name is Pepper not Ginger. hehe..
Rafv- pepper's dot done by Auntie Sam la.
Jay - scuba is forever stoned
fufu - I think pepper will think of you as food! He is not even friendly to dogs.

Buster said...

I can't tell - in which picture is he sleeping adn in which is he awake?

Bussie Kissies