Birthday Celebrations - Bailey

Yesterday was Bailey's first birthday. His parents were very happy that hehad finally 'grown up' and had decorated the park with balloons and birthday banner. Bailey's mum even spent 3 hours baking his birthday cakes. What a lucky dog!

There were food for dogs and humans, and of course, Bailey - the drink was being served too! Too bad HC declined to have a cup of Bailey as she cannot hold her drink well. She should have taken it and let me drink!

Well, we didn't exactly joined the party as HC knew that there was at least 1 dog there that I may not be able to get along with. This dog will growl and snatch away my ball and if I am in a bad mood, I may fight back. The worse thing is this dog's owner is not able to control him. And HC secretly made a pact with me that should I have to fight for the ball (my own ball, mind you), she will not stopped me. Instead, she will probably helped me to pin the dog down. hehehehe.. that's what a leader is for, isn't it.

But I think I wouldn't fight yesterday over the ball because with the galore of food, who cares about balls??? But then again, HC is worried that either I fight over food or I start barking at the humans to feed me. (nonsense, I must say..... )

Anyway, Bailey's parents are really nice and give us a goody bag each.

Beautiful bowls! We have already started using one this morning!
I probably can't use the bag cos I cannot bend my arms to carry it. I will let HC have the bag then.


Jay said...

Aiyah.. pity you couldn't really join the party. It sounded like a fun party, you know. With food, and goodies for doggies.

Anyway, that's a nice bowl you received in your goody bag! :)

fufu said...

Hi Joey, too bad you missed out on the Bailey.. Nice goodie bags by the way. ;)

~ fufu

Buster said...

Well, the bag looks like it can be used to carry your stuff to the beach when you go there!

You certainly have lotsa friends!

Bussie Kissies

Opy said...

Cool bag of goodies ! I love your new bowl - it's so nice to have friends, isn't it !