What I ate a week ago.

A week ago, Auntie V celebrated her 3rd year anniversary with Scuba, and invited the humans for a steamboat dinner.

What the humans had for dinner.... they were so greedy that they only remembered to take a picture when they were almost done.

So what did we dogs do when the humans were eating?

We were busy begging... and when I did not get what I begged for... I ate this

Well, not exactly this. But a similar one in green color.

HC bought two of these balls for me and brought the green one over to Auntie V's home for me to play. When they were busy having steamboat, I decided that I am too hungry and ate up the entire green one. The humans didn't notice it, but Tommy (the GR) did. He kept barking to tell the humans that I was eating something I shouldn't, but they ignored it thinking he was barking cos he wanna play with my ball.

So how did HC found out?

Well, today, exactly one week later, I started to poo out (3x) funny greenish stuff with little spikes. At first the spikes looked like worms and she was horrified. But she 'poked' around my poo and was sorta relieved to find out they were not worms. And it took her half a day, and after confirmation with Auntie V that the ball was nowhere to be found at her home that she realised I ate up the entire ball.

Tommy, the only dog who realised that I was eating something that I shouldn't have...

Joey to Tommy: Stop telling on me, will ya??

(P.S. You readers are lucky that HC forgot to take a picture of the "ball-poo". Otherwise, you will lose your appetite!!)


fufu said...

Hey Joey, The poo-ball does sound nasty. Why did you ate it... The humans should listen to the doggies next time..

~ fufu

Joey said...

fufu: the ball taste alright, just a little too 'rubbery'. I eat it because.... because.... because.. ermmm I don't know why really.

Scuba said...

Joey, you ate it to prove a point - that you are not getting enough to eat

Jay said...

Oh dear.... you must really be hungry. Next time, ask Tommy to convey to the humans that you doggies are hungry, instead of telling on you.

You must have given your HC a fright too!

Glad everything is fine now :)

Huskee's Maid said...

Hi Joey, I used to be Huskee's "poo-monitor" as he was always swallowing bits and pieces of the toys that he chewed off.. i've found undigested corn kernels, orange fins from his finless plastic fish, etc. now i monitor his poo for any 'colour'... be good n let ur HC know that u want more food si she doesn't have to go through the trauma of poking at ur poo n spending more $ on replacing toys for u.. heehee

herbie said...

Maybe you were pretending that it's part of the steamboat?

tommy said...

Joey, don't you know that balls are for playing? What a waste to eat it up! Well, now we know that such balls are non-toxic & extremely safe for us to play with!!