His name is .......

Finally... the stray dog has a name.
Not Hercules, not tyson, not hero as suggested in the earlier post.

Since he is a true blue Singaporean, HC decided his name should be ---------


(arrghhh.. what a obiang name!)

HC said that with this new name, she hopes TOTO will bless her to win the $1 million toto draw. If she wins that money, she promised to take care of him for life. Yes... for his entire lifetime.

So.... Toto, if you want to have someone to love you and take care of you for life, start praying, okay??


Scuba said...

hehe your HC is a true blue gambler.

If she finds another stray, it will be name 4Dee or Sweepy (Singapore Sweep)

Huskee Boy said...

Hey Joey,
Can you tell ToTo that my mama also wants to strike it rich sometime very, very soon? She'd love some extra cash to splurge on the wedding... *hiak hiak*..

Huskee Boy

herbie said...

My M says to remind your HC to count the number of kibbles left behind in the bowl and use the number to buy toto.... if she strike this way, will we get a share as well?

Jay said...

Uniquely Singapore indeed! Herbie's suggestion is good! Good luck!

fufu said...

Oh Joey,
Your HC can train TOTO to pick lucky toto numbers. :)
Hope the doggie likes his new name.

~ fufu

Joey said...

HC must stand 2m away from him otherwise he will run away. How to train him to pick toto numbers? sigh...

fufu said...

Hi Joey.
Can train him like those numbered balls for LouHan Fish. Maybe your HC can number the kibbles then see which order the doggie pick. hee
But standing 2m away, probably your HC need binoculars to see the numbers. :)

~ fufu

Rafv said...

ToTo. Cute name!! and easy to call him too. but if you are Japanese, you wouldn't name him of this! Cz ToTO is very famous toilet bowl company... haha. but Look at bright side, even Tom Cruise baby named "Suri" which means pick pocket in Japanese, but she is so pretty and living good life! All the good luck for new given name and happy life for him! Cross cross paws.