When Animals Attack

We were watching this show on television, about animals attacking humans.

The show talks about how wild animals - lions, deers etc who have been domesticated revert to their wild side and attacked humans. One particular scene was about a lion trainer who brought his lion for some publicity show. The lion freaked out at the strange and new environment and turned against his trainer and bit his legs refusing to let go. After the attack, the lion was shown dragging his trainer back to his 'den' - a place behind the backstage, away from the crowd. Frankly speaking, I don't blame the lion at all.

There were also scenes on dogs - rottweilers who were allowed loose in the neighbourhood and attacked a jogger. Again, I think it is the owner's fault. Rotties are breed to protect, and their prey drive is very strong. So, I think any owners who want to keep such breed have the responsibility to train them, and make sure the dog is under control at all times.

While watching the show, it reminded me of something that happened last night.

HC brought us along to her dinner appointment, and leashed us to her chair. There were a group of noisy and excitable caucasian kids around and they gathered near to pet us. HC and her friends warned the kids several times to stay away from Jack as he will bite. The kids said 'ok' but still continue to hang around Jack.

As you know, Jack has been 'domesticated' by HC long ago, and he has mellowed tremendously in the last few years. In fact, nowadays, he will allow strangers to pet him gently and likes to sit near humans. Also, HC is always on the alert and warned strangers not to pet Jack unneccessarily and be gentle when approaching him.

During the dinner last night, the kids continue to make a lot of noise, and I felt many many hands patting my head and touching my body. I am ok with it, but I wished I had the chance to run away. However, I can sense Jack feeling a bit cornered. Suddenly, one of the kids make a sudden movement towards Jack. Jack got angry, make a growling noise and tried to lunge at the kid. Luckily, the kid moved quickly away and Jack's leash was too short to reach her.

And HC's response? She merely said, "I told you so". And she didn't even reprimand Jack.

HC said she was getting pissed at the kids hovering around at our tables yelling non-stop, and that they didn't heed her advice about leaving us alone. Anyway, she said Jack has developed a bite inhibition nowadays and won't bite hard : he will only nip lightly and growl as a warning.

I wished humans should just let animals be. Do not disturb them unnecessarily and allow the animals their own space.

For a good read, I would like to recommend this article.


Huskee's Maid said...

Hi Joey, I can totally understand how ur HC feels as Huskee has always been harassed by kids when we bring him out. The standard conversation goes "oh your dog is so cute!"... "Yes, thanks but he bites." Huskee has zero tolerance for kids but somehow he always attracts them. & kids love to come up and pat him BEHIND HIS BACK which makes him super suspicious and angry. Not that i blame the kids as they don't know better but i do blame their parents for not teaching them the proper way to introduce oneself to a new dog (always ask the owner first if u can pet his/her dog). I would do exactly as ur HC has done cos the kids simply deserved it.

Billie Jean said...

Oh Jack,

My buddy Cookie will not tolerate the children at all! She will growl and nip at them if they are running near her!

Jay said...

Hi Joey, I totally agree with what your HC did. Normally, I tolerate kids rather well, so long as they don't pull my hair. Even if they hurt me, I just nip at them and let go.

Brandy and Whisky also tolerate kids really well.

As for Coco, he is very temperamental and normally, we will inform the person who is patting him that he bites. Some of them will ignore us (as Coco looks so friendly and harmless), and continue patting him.

Sigh, if they hurt him and he turns around to bite them, they will say that it's our fault. For that, we are deemed as not friendly, not controllable, etc. So unfair!

Why can't these people reflect and exercise more caution when dealing with unfamiliar dogs?!?!

ice's slave said...

i love your reply, HC! i will be dying to say that but my Russell is a big dog. I usually avoid letting people touch him. I just cannot take it when people play with his tail when they walk by. he will growl and show his unhappiness..

Luckily for me, Ice is the kid attracter not Russell. I cant imagine what will happen if kids decide to treat Russell the same way as they do to Ice. I am really glad that Ice has great threshold and likes kids. Imagine my shock when i was running with Ice and then two kids run after us in bikes. then they say want to touch my dog. phew.

herbie said...

everyone just touches me... I don't really care most of the time. but some kids can really be quite noisy, that sometimes i feel that I'm going deaf from all the shouting.

Joey said...

HC is contemplating doing up a tee shirt for jack that says," Will Bite if Provoke!!"

Huskee Boy said...

I know The Maid already responded but felt that I MUST say my peace. I may look small, cute & furry (aka harmless), but I am no pussycat (no pun intended!).. My 'kawaii' looks (ahem) makes me 'popular' with kids & they love to run over and touch me from behind, which I hate! (It messes up my hairdo.. oops, should be 'fur-do').
Mama and The Maid makes it a point to tell people that I will bite and am not good with strangers, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I wish that they'd ask for permission before stroking us. At least then my mum would say 'Huskee, friend friend'.
How'd you feel if a stranger came up to you in the MRT and started pulling or messing up your hair??! Or how'd you like it if strangers came up to your kids and started touching them all over??! Think people.. THINK!

ice said...

herbie u are different. to u, every human is potential treat dispenser! hee hee hee.

to my sensitive brother, if u are nice to those kids, u can steal their ice cream. be nice to them instead of trying to scare them away when they come to our home to sai yang me!

Joey said...

come to think of it, i think my HC is scarier than Jack. Cos she really bites! No joke.

Rafv said...

Maybe everyone don't believe me, but I can endure all the nonsense kids does to me. Starting from pulling my tail, hitting my head very hard etc. I even run my tail over by stupid small bicycle!! but I just freeze myself.
you know why? I know that my mum will go and 'attack 'unreasonable people on behalf of me! keke

She is much better than me in terms of fighting with humans. (She doesn't give a damn to even small kids. hiak)

I hate the people without brain to put ALL THE BLAME to owner and dog. Warning must be taken seriously. Damn..


ice said...

rafv, your mum is POWER! my slave must learn man. she still very sore over the man who comment that i must be a biting dog thats why give way to him to let him wallk on the pavement first. ME A BITING DOG? sighz.