No longer a stray dog

HC has a new dog... well, sorta... this puppy stray came over to where HC works and decided to make himself at home. According to HC, he looks to be about 7-8 months and will probably grow bigger cos his paws and head is big and not in proportion to his small body. The staff in the office took pity on him cos he is really skinny with ribs showing.

And guess what? A few of the office ladies have started to feed him, so much so that he has leftover rice on his plate every day. And just the other day, HC gave him OUR portion of fresh chicken breast and tulang. What a lucky dog!

He is still quite nervous being with humans and will hide whenever they came over to feed him. Which is actually a good thing, because we wouldn't want him to wag his tail at the AVA officers. The men in uniform are bad news...

And this dog is actually quite timid. While he was having his meals, HC will stand further away to look else he will not come out to eat. Some strangers walk past, and he started barking very ferociously. But guess what, he actually went into hiding while barking!! What a timid dog. I probably will have to send my 'bark master' - Mr. Jack to teach him how to look and sound fierce.

Just yesterday, HC drove us to a petshop, and we were ecstatic at the prospect of treats and toys. Alas, HC walked out with a packet of dog food and two cans of wet food. And I am sure it they were not meant for us as HC don't feed us with commercial pet food.

Maybe I will go visit him one of these days. In the meantime, HC will try to snap a picture of him when he is not hiding.


Premster said...


very cool blog! i love jack russell terriers and i have two of them myself.

very interesting escapades.


Premster said...

For some reason, the link I provided in my "reply" did not appear.

Here it is again...

Do check out my JRTs. :)

Buster said...

Oh the poor little guy! Looks like you might be getting another brother!

Bussie Kissies

Joey said...

Hi Premster, I've read your blog entry. Cute JRTs you have there! Thanks for dropping by.
Buster - we are not getting another brother...please... I want all the attention to myself. heehee

Jay said...

Oh... the puppy is so smart, to wander into HC's workplace... where the people can tolerate dogs.

Can't wait for the picture of your new brother, Joey...

Maybe your HC will shower all the attention on him now... hiak hiak hiak

fufu said...

Oh Joey,

Your HC is so nice to feed and care for the stray puppy. Dont worry, I'm sure your HC still love you very much and will give you as much attention.

~ fufu

Scuba said...

Your HC give puppy more food then you and Jack.