This is a very serious post.

AMD stands for Advance Medical Directive (a.k.a. living will). In summary, it is a legal document that you sign in advance to inform the doctor treating you (in the event you become terminally ill and unconscious) that you do not want any extraordinary life-sustaining treatment to be used to prolong your life. If you wanna know more in details - look here.

Why did I blog about something so serious? Well, HC is in discussion with some people over this. After much thoughts, she decided that AMD is the way to go. This is because without a living will, how a person in coma should be treated has led to bitter family squabbles and splits as everyone's view are so different. The most famous case is that of Terri Schiavo. I think if Terri knew the heartbreak experienced by her family and friends, she would have set a living will in advance. Sometimes, when one is healthy you don't think about death. But shit does happen...

So HC decided that she will sign AMD on her next trip to the doctor. Her opinion is that she wants to have the final say (and not leave the awful and heartbreaking decision to others) and to die with dignity.

Actually, to be honest she will rather be euthanized if the quality of life is compromised. But then euthanasia is illegal here and in many other countries.

But lucky for us dogs, euthanasia is not illegal. However, that said, I do not agree with how some people/authorities use that as a way to kill dogs who still deserved a second chance in life.

HC had serious thoughts about euthanization when Jack was first diagnosed with some health problems. She promised Jack that she will euthanized him if no treatments were available and he suffers from prolong pain unnecessarily. But of course luckily, Jack is doing well now as his condition is manageable.

So, touch wood, if any one of us is suffering and no longer has the drive to live, HC will say her good-bye to us and let us go with dignity. She promised that the going will be painless and we will be in her arms when that happens. And most importantly, she told us to wait for her in doggy heaven - 'till we meet again.

A final say, should anyone of you human had to make a decision to euthanized your dog.. dun be guilty. Your dog is probably waiting for you over the rainbow.


billie jean said...

hi Joey,

talking about "will", my mummy shall will all her money to the person who shall be looking after me and Cookie.

billie jean

Joey said...

is your mummy rich? if yes, then I'll take care of you and cookie .. heehee

Sunshade said...

Hey Joey,

First time visiting your blog. Very well said by your HC. I'm my mama's first ever dog and she's worried she will let her selfishness take her my quality of life....SIGH... Hopefully she will one day realize when the day comes for her to make decisions..

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Billie Jean said...

Hi Joey,

thank you, ok ON lah, you can look after me and cookie.


Jay said...

This entry really stuck a cord in both J and I.

J completely agrees with your HC. She, too, hope to leave this world with dignity once her quality of life is compromised.

This applies to me also - I was supposed to be euthanized one year back when I was very sick. Although it was a very tough decision which J had to take, she knew it was one she had to make. She wanted me to leave with dignity. Her belief is 'We take their pain in our hearts, so that they can be free!'

She has seen dogs who are so sick that they are only left with skin and bones. It is not something she wants me to go through.

Joey said...

Hi Sunshade - thanks for visiting. I read some of yr posts too. I can tell you are much loved by your mum.

Jay - i am glad you survived! Must be J & family's love for you that gives u the strength to fight! oh ya.. Happy birthday and hope you have many more years to come.

Huskee Boy said...

Hey Joey,
Heard from my mum that she was just talking to Scuba's mum about death.. their very own no less!! Mum thinks that euthanasia should be made legal cos everyone (yes, two-legged and four-legged) should leave this world with dignity.
She and The Maid also agreed that should the day come when I am suffering and there are no treatments available, then they'd let me go. It'd be pure selfishness to hold on.. and then I'll take my spot in doggy heaven and patiently wait for her (I guess I'll be with Paddypaws, her deceased hamster.. oh wait a minute, do they allow hamsters in doggy heaven? Is there a hamster heaven??)

JaffeBoy said...

Goodness me. I was reading this entry to MaMa & her eyes starts welling up!!! I guess it must have brought back some awful memories of her belated darlings...

yl said...

remind HC that she needs to bring her own witness and, if she is going to the polyclinic, she has to make it known that she wants to have her AMD done coz not all doctors are willing signatories to AMDs. i made the boo boo of not bringing my own witness coz i THOUGHT the doctor could be my medical witness whereas i could "borrow" the nurse as an independent witness as mentioned in the website... apparently not so in polyclinic... so i have to find another day to go have it done...