Not so lucky

Some readers commented that HC is lucky to have dogs in her workplace, but she said it is more sad then lucky. Because there were so many skinny looking strays around, and it is not possible to save them all. She has seen/heard of strays esp puppies being run over by trains (yes.. trains), trucks, cars, and also being picked up by AVA officers. And sometimes, only the fittest strays survived.

Back in her previous working location in the east, there were a litter of puppies born in the workshop. HC sorta adopted 1 of them. He is black all over, with a tiny clump of white fur in the chest. HC used to share her lunch with him daily. When HC decided to quit the job, she was worried about the dog as it is not possible for her to adopt him. Just a week before she left the office, he had an accident and was knocked down by a forklift in the early morning. A worker just put him inside a gunny sack and left him in a deserted area. HC forced the worker to bring her to the site just to make sure he is truly dead and not struggling. I don't know if it is fate that he passes on when she is leaving.

As HC is feeding this current stray with dog food, she heard her colleagues commenting that the dog is lucky. Lucky to be a stray???? I seriously don't think so. I think my friends and I are the truly lucky ones - we get a roof over our head, eat the best food, clothed in disney themed costumes (well, some of us), and has endless amount of toys to play with.

Darn, I am feeling really teary now...
Can someone pass me the tissue? sniff sniff...


alfie said...

o yes, there are many strays out there and I am glad i have been adopted.

many ppl do not think/know/care that we are capable of feeling and discard us as they would their unwanted items!

maybe they will take our place in their next life with reversed roles. i dont wish this upon them but then who knows???

herbie said...

yes, we are truely lucky. Many of the strays will never know the love of a warm bed and a roof and regular supply of food. And there are simply too many strays to save all of them. I'm glad your HC is doing what little she can to make the life of one dog better.

Billie Jean said...

Oh, I am so sad reading the story..... I will love Cookie even more now... cry cry cry.


rafv said...

Can't help anybody in the street, sad, but truth..Your mum doing great. At least this little pup will remember how took cared by some human's. Big hug for Antie G.


Scuba said...

So heart breaking.

Thank goodness I am loved. I can certainly feel the pain for all the abandon / strays / dognapped puppies.

In my life, I have looked after 5puppies and 1 grown up dog. Thank goodness they have all found homes except the grown up one who is now in a kennel in Pasir Ris.

fufu said...

Oh.. You are right Joey. Those stray are so poor thing.
Hope more people would adopt them and give them a loving home

~ fufu