Dog names?

HC is thinking of a name for the stray dog.

She heard that a dog usually lives up to his name, and wants to find a name to let the timid dog grow up to be brave, loyal, smart and strong! Preferably Strong cos her next door office neighbour has 2 rottweilers.

Any suggestions?

people..... please suggest!!

p.s. luckily she didn't name me Rascal. (*jack 'rascal'*)


JaffeBoy said...

Maximilion?! (sorry, skip school a few times so fail spelling)

And excuse me, I'm the rascal... Thk you.

FRQSTR=19222072|19222072|19222072|19222072|19222072 said...

hmm so J&J going to get new brother?

Billie Jean said...

Hi Joey,

How come your HC's work place got so many doggies? She is so lucky to work there!


alfie said...

somehow the name BOND came to my mind. masculine name / appropriately bonding with your HC.

i would have preferred a more feminine name myself but my current mum didnt change my name after adopting me from my previous owners whose names start with "A".

maybe that's why mum ends up calling me by my nicknames: Fi or Ger or Pui.

Joey said...

My HC almost wanted to embroidered Ah PUI on your collar cos your mum keep calling you by that name!! hehehe

alfie said...

joey, luckily your HC didnt do that else I have others calling me by that name too.