Jack's No. 1 Fan

Jack is starting a fan club. And right now, there is only 1 member (hehehe)

She is HC's little niece - just passed her one-year birthday celebration. She started calling Jack when she is about 10 months, and up till now, Jack is the only name that she will call readily. She doesn't even want to call her own daddy and mummy.

Jack usually dislikes children, but surprisingly, he does not get angry if this little girl slap him lightly. In fact, I caught Jack kissing her a couple of times. But what he really really likes to do is to sniff at her diapers!

Immediately after this shot was taken. the little girl moved towards Jack and wanted to plant a kiss on him. Alas, she missed his head and ended up kissing the couch. heheheh

Me? I usually ran away when she comes near me. Cos she kicked me a couple of times!!!!


Serene said...

Hi Joey, I am surprised grouchy Jack allows her to kiss him... surprise surprise...

Wait for her to grow up, then ask her to play ball with u!

Buster said...

So Jack is a softy after all!

Bussie Kissies

Joey said...

Buster - yup. jack is actually a softie but he tried to act cool when he's out.
Serene - she is already playing ball with me. But she throw ball backwards *roll eyes*

df said...

sign me up for Jack's fan club! heheh

herbie said...

sniff at diapers? weird taste.... I mean, not how the diaper taste, I wouldn't know what a diaper taste like... erm... ya

fufu said...

Hi Joey,
When will you start your own fan club? I wanna join when you have one ok. :)

~ fufu

russell said...

u know what? i think jack is scared of the baby.. thats why he is nice. :)