My Xmas wish

I want my own bedroom set!


Isn't it cool????? Imagine having my own human-looking bed, a toy box and a wardrobe (ok.. I know my clothes are all old and dirty from my romp at the park.. but if I have a proper wardrobe, I will surely take care not to dirty my clothes. My 'wardrobe' now is actually HC's car boot) .

oooohhhh.... I wish .... I wish.... I wish......
And, it is ONLY U$249.97!!!! What a good deal, right? Emmm.... by the way, I am not too good with money, how much is it really? in terms of chickens - 10? 20? 30?????

Any nice uncles and aunties wanna sponsor?

if i write to the manufacturer and offer to be a 'sleeping model'.. u guys think he will give me the set for free?


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Joey,
No idea how much a chicken costs, but I think that's like almost a hundred chicken?? My mum says she'll sponsor the plant for you.. ok and I will throw in a new toy for your toy box.

Huskee Boy..

Scuba said...

Your HC can well afford the set. Hehe tell her you and Jack can share it and it will only cost her USD124.99 per dog.

I guess if it if my wish, then I will have to call my godpa in Boston. It is from the US right?

fufu said...

Hi Joey,
You should definately write in to the manufacturer. I think you make a better model then the doggie in the pic since you're always smiling in your pic.

~ fufu

rafv said...

whaa... that's cool.. Do you think is there any od my size bed?
I don't have much toys so I can use this box for emergency hiding box. I really need to talk to mum now.


Jay said...

Aiyah, I asked J if I could use my birthday money to purchase the bedroom set, instead of donating to animal welfare.

The result was a 2 hr lecture on wants vs needs. She said that I could buy if I wanted to, but that will mean that so many other doggies out there will not benefit... blackmail!!! :(

BUT!!!!! Maybe I could get my family to buy for me!!
Then the doggies benefit.. I benefit too!!

Buster said...

Oh perfect! And the wood choice is definitely masculine. Yes Joey, perhaps if we all contact the manufacturer, as terriers, and say we need to see it with a terrier modelling it before we purchase it they will take you up on your offer!

Get me the number. And the email.

Bussie Kissies

herbie said...

My M thinks a kitchen set would be more suitable for me. The only thing in the bedroom set that I can actually use is only the bed.

ice said...

u guys sure have expensive taste. throw me a couple of live birds and i will be happier than a few bedroom sets.. or kitchen sets!